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Flagstaff, AZ

Walk Friendly Communities - Bronze Level

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Community Highlights

Flagstaff is designated as a Bronze-level community due to the city's commitment to improving walking through comprehensive evaluation, education of children and staff, and promotional activities. Highlights of Flagstaff's application include:

  • Flagstaff demonstrates its commitment to being a Walk Friendly Community through its staff attention to pedestrian issues. The City has a bicycle and pedestrian coordinator, an active pedestrian advocacy group, and a Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
  • The City's efforts to supplement Journey to Work data with meaningful local data led to the development of the Flagstaff Trip Diary Survey. Through this, the City showed that over 13 percent of all trips were walking and 9 percent were bicycling. The City also conducts pedestrian and bicycle counts at various locations every three years.
  • Flagstaff is home to a popular and extensive trail system called the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS, pronounced "foots") that currently has over 50 miles of trails, with more than 80 more miles planned.
  • The Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization developed detailed indices of Level of Service standards for pedestrian, bicycle, and transit facilities in rural, suburban, and urban settings. These standards evaluated factors like sidewalk width, provision of amenities, crossing frequency, crosswalk markings, curb extensions and median islands, and average daily traffic (ADT), among others. The City built these standards into the plan and uses them to prioritize investment, guide development review, and monitor ongoing performance.
  • Flagstaff provides its staff with excellent training opportunities to expose the staff to current ideas and developments in pedestrian safety and walkability.
  • Flagstaff Walks! is a weeklong event organized by the Pedestrian Advisory Committee and dedicated to celebrating Flagstaff's walkable nature and raising awareness of walkability issues. Activities include Safe Routes to School Workshops and Walkability Audits, guided walks, and promotional events, all culminating in International Walk to School Day.