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Wilsonville, OR

Walk Friendly Communities - Bronze Level

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Community Highlights

Wilsonville is designated as a Bronze-level community due to the city's commitment to managing suburban growth and planning for pedestrians. Highlights of Wilsonville's application include:

  • Wilsonville is an excellent example of a rapidly-growing suburban community taking steps to make itself more walkable. Situated along a commuter-heavy interstate and nearly tripling its population since 1990, Wilsonville adopted a pedestrian and bicycle plan in 2006 to help manage effective transportation around the City. Following the recommendations in the plan, Wilsonville hired a full-time Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator and formed a Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force. This is indicative of the level of community support for pedestrian planning in Wilsonville and the City is well-situated to continue improving its pedestrian environment.
  • To support the goals of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan, Wilsonville is strongly committed to its sidewalk network. The City boasts sidewalks on both sides of 85 percent of arterials and 80 percent of non-arterials. To continue improving in this respect, the City plans to construct an additional 20 miles of sidewalks in the next three years.