Boone, NC

Level: honorable_mention
Population Density:

Boone, NC, is an Honorable Mention community because of its dedicated plan, high rates of walking, and supportive education and enforcement programs.

  • Initiatives in Boone are driven by a comprehensive Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan that ties together all of the Town’s policies, programs and recommendations for improving the walking and bicycling network. The plan lays out project recommendations and prioritization criteria, along with performance metrics to track implementation.
  • Boone boasts high rates of walking for a small town — the latest figures from the American Communities Survey shows that 17.8 percent of commuters get to work on foot, and they also show increasing rates of transit use and carpooling.
  • The Town participates in the Statewide Watch for Me NC campaign to focus attention on road safety, particularly among vulnerable road users. The Town works with law enforcement personnel to conduct the safety campaign and perform high-visibility enforcement operations to address concerns related to speeding, yielding, and other laws.