Cedar Rapids, IA

Level: bronze
Population: 132,228
Population Density: 1,868 / sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Stephanie Schrader

Cedar Rapids blends planning and policy with aggressive project implementation to support pedestrian safety and walkability.

  • Pedestrians are supported by numerous plans and policies in Cedar Rapids, from the recently updated Envision CR comprehensive plan to the Complete Streets policy adopted in 2014 and showcased through project implementation across the City.
  • Building off its Sidewalk Master Plan, the City’s Pedestrian Master Plan continues to focus on improving and reconnecting its pedestrian network, taking into consideration existing sidewalk, trails, and transit amenities.
  • The City’s participation in the statewide Healthy Hometowns program links its investments with improving community health, steps that earned Cedar Rapids a 2018 Healthy Hometown Community Award.
  • The City has been able to implement quite a few projects thanks to its innovative Paving for Progress program. By focusing investment where it is needed most, the City takes advantage of routine paving and maintenance budgets to improve streets for all road users.