Concord, NH

Level: honorable_mention
Population Density:

Community Highlights

Concord is designated as an Honorable Mention community due to its outstanding outreach and promotional efforts. Highlights of Concord’s application include:

  • Concord has an exemplary Safe Routes to School program, incorporating elements of International Bike/Walk to School week into the week of Halloween, encouraging safe pedestrian activities in and outside of school, both day and night. Six of Concord’s elementary schools have produced walkability audits and SRTS maps. Many schools also have walking school bus programs and incorporate parent volunteers as safety patrol for pick-up/drop-off zones. Crossing Guards seasonally count children walking or biking to school.
  • The students become advocates during Green Commute Week in May as they encourage parents/adults to commute to work by walking, biking, carpooling, or taking transit.
  • In addition to its SRTS map brochures, the Concord Chamber of Commerce also prints two-mile Historic Walking Tour booklets available for $2.00.