Dayton, OH

Level: honorable_mention
Population Density:

Community Highlights

Dayton is designated as an Honorable Mention community due to its impressive Livable Streets Policy and comprehensive sidewalk network. Highlights of Dayton’s application include:

  • Dayton’s Livable Streets Policy was ranked by the National Complete Streets Coalition, an advocacy group for complete streets design, among the Top 5 City Policies in the Coalition’s 2010 policy analysis. The Policy’s vision is to provide a “visually attractive and functional environment” for all roadway users, including pedestrians.
  • Dayton has a comprehensive sidewalk network with sidewalks on both sides of 90 percent of arterial roads and 75 percent of non-arterial roads. Dayton’s sidewalk design standards require sidewalks to be constructed on both sides of the street in subdivisions and apartment complexes and to be constructed at all commercial lots. An expansive sidewalk network encourages higher rates of walking among City residents.
  • Dayton has a dedicated Traffic Safety Officer who spends a portion of time working solely on pedestrian safety and laws.