Durango, CO

Level: bronze
Population: 19,413
Population Density: 1,411/sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Devin King

Durango, CO, is a Bronze-level Walk Friendly Community featuring a number of impressive and innovative initiatives, including:

  • The City adopted a half-cent sales and use tax increase specifically to support multimodal transportation and parks and recreation projects. These funds have supported numerous improvements around the City, including Safe Routes to School signage, the Needham Connect and Junction Street projects.
  • Durango benefits from nearly complete sidewalk coverage and a trail system, including the Animas River Trail, which provides connectivity and recreational opportunities for Durango’s residents and visitors.
  • Accessibility has been a primary focus area for the City as they work to improve curb ramp and sidewalk quality for individuals with disabilities.
  • The Multimodal Transportation Plan sets targets for making improvements for nonmotorized road users and enhancing community-wide connectivity.
  • The City is focused on improving the quality of the built environment to support safe and comfortable walking environments. They installed 20 curb extensions in 2021 and have 20 more planned for the coming year. Crossings are being upgraded to high visibility markings, and supplemental treatments like rectangular rapid flashing beacons and pedestrian hybrid beacons are installed where needed.