Essex Junction, VT

Level: bronze
Population: 9,271
Population Density: 2,030/sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Darby Mayville

Community Highlights

Essex Junction is designated as a Bronze-level community due to its sidewalk coverage, Safe Routes to School programming, excellent pedestrian plan, and regional coordination. Highlights of Essex Junction’s application include:

  • Two major infrastructure programs have been completed in recent years, a multi-use path linking Essex High School with the Village center, and the Pearl Street Streetscape Improvement. The Village also has plans to pedestrianize a section of Main Street.
  • Essex Junction has sidewalks on almost every street, while the remaining streets have paved shoulders.
  • As a small village of less than 10,000, Essex Junction partners with its regional advocacy organization and planning agencies to support a safe and comfortable walking environment.
  • The Village has increased street lights in high-traffic areas to aid visibility for all users and is working with Efficiency Vermont to install LED in street lamps located near crosswalks.
  • Village Trustees demonstrated their support for a walkable community by signing the International Charter for Walking in June 2012.
  • All four K-8 schools in Essex Junction have actively partnered with the state SRTS program and receive direct technical assistance in lieu of grant money. The program is also supported by the Healthy Communities grant through Essex CHIPS and by the School District Wellness Coordinator and Safe Kids Vermont.