Fayetteville, AR

Level: bronze
Population: 93,949
Population Density: 1,675 sq./mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Dane Eifling

Community Highlights

Fayetteville is a Bronze-level Walk Friendly Community because of its trail system, great planning practices, support for sidewalk construction, and use of pedestrian hybrid beacons.

  • The Active Transportation Plan outlines the vision and benefits of a more walkable and bikeable Fayetteville. The plan emphasizes the low-stress trail network and uses the pedestrian shed concept as a measure of progress. Fayetteville introduced a new Mobility Plan in 2018 which lays out a qualitative approach to planning sidewalk and street projects. Additionally, the 2019 bond referendum secured funding for sidewalks and trails for the next 10 years. Census estimates show that walking commutes are increasing while single-occupant vehicle commutes are decreasing. With 2,000 hours of staff time dedicated to pedestrian issues, supportive elected officials, and an Active Transportation Committee, Fayetteville can support initiatives that will continue to increase the mode share for walking. This is evident in 75% of residents living within a half-mile of a trail and over 50 miles of paved trails.
  • The city has coordinated with the Arkansas Highway Department to install pedestrian hybrid beacons at all at-grade trail crossings on state highways. The city is also using passive detection alert signals at high usage mid-block crossings.
  • With dedicated funding, the city is making great progress in constructing sidewalks through the Sidewalk Program. Projects are prioritized based on public input, population mapping, and guidance from city planners and the Active Transportation Advisory Committee.