Fergus Falls, MN

Level: bronze
Population: 14,029
Population Density: 860/sq. mi.
Program Website
Contact: David Sanderson

Community Highlights

Fergus Falls is a Bronze-level Walk Friendly Community because of its outstanding Safe Routes to School program and supportive planning practices.

  • The Fergus Falls Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, adopted in February 2022, guides the development of sidewalk and trail projects in the community and outlines specific recommendations for policy changes, ordinance updates, education, and evaluation.
  • The Downtown & Riverfront Master Plan, and the Glacial Edge Trail Plan are currently being implemented. The construction of a new farmers/artisan market structure downtown on a former river-front parking lot and the development of the Glacial Edge Trail through downtown are two projects that will significantly improve the walkability of downtown Fergus Falls.
  • Fergus Falls has a detailed Safe Routes to School Plan for the city’s three elementary schools and one middle school. All schools participate in International Walk to School Day and two schools have a program called JAWS (Jogging and Walking Students) that rewards students for the number of laps they complete during recess.
  • Shop, Move n’ Groove shuts down three blocks of Main Street on a Wednesday evening to promote active living, family fun, healthy food, and local businesses.
  • The city received a Community Wellness Grant to conduct a walking pilot project which resulted in several new walking routes being developed in the downtown area. The community also hosted a Walkable Community Workshop that resulted in some preliminary walking goals that were then further developed in the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.Coalitions that advocate for a more walkable Fergus Falls include: PEDal Fergus Falls, PartnerSHIP 4 Health, Live Well Fergus Falls, and the city’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
  • Fergus Falls has a Complete Streets policy that specifies the early consideration of all modes in roadway projects.