Flagstaff, AZ

Level: bronze
Population: 63,785
Population Density: 1,068/sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
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Contact: Martin Ince

Community Highlights

Flagstaff is designated as a Bronze-level community due to the city’s commitment to improving walking through evaluation, child pedestrian education, and promotional activities. Highlights of Flagstaff’s application include:

  • Flagstaff demonstrates its commitment to being a Walk Friendly Community through its staff attention to pedestrian issues. The city has a bicycle and pedestrian coordinator, an active pedestrian advocacy group, and a Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
  • The city’s efforts to supplement Journey to Work Census data with meaningful local data led to the development of the Flagstaff Trip Diary Survey, which is repeated every five years. Through this effort, the city determined that about 15% of all trips were walking and 9% were bicycling and that walking rates vary across the city.
  • Flagstaff is home to a popular and extensive trail system called the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS, pronounced “foots”) that currently has 56 miles of trails, with more than 130 more miles planned.
  • The City of Flagstaff works with the Coconino County Injury Prevention program to organize Safe Routes to School events and education programs for more than half of the elementary schools in the city.
  • Flagstaff Walks! is an annual event organized by the Pedestrian Advisory Committee and dedicated to celebrating Flagstaff’s walkable environment and raising awareness of walkability issues. Activities include Park(ing) Day, Crossing Guard Appreciation Day, International Walk to School Day, guided walks, and educational events like one focused on the science of visibility and reflectivity.


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