Forest Park, IL

Level: bronze
Population: 14,167
Population Density: 5,899/sq. mi.
Contact: Tim Gillian

Community Highlights

Forest Park is designated as a Bronze-level community due to its planning efforts and commitment to Complete Streets .

  • Forest Park’s Active Transportation Plan outlines policies, programs, and implementation guidelines to reach ambitious targets for non-motorized mode shares and crash reduction. This plan is well-integrated with other plans in the community and integrated public input. The Village also has a School Travel Plan.
  • The Village’s Complete Streets policy is a great example for a community of its size. The policy, adopted in 2011, includes performance measures.
  • The Forest Park Police Department ensures that all officers engaged in traffic safety enforcement receive introductory training on bicycle and pedestrian safety and Safe Routes to School programs.  Officers effectively combine enforcement and education to increase the safety of pedestrians by successfully reducing motorists’ speed and yielding to pedestrians. Officers are also involved with the schools through both a pedestrian safety education curriculum and crossing guard program.
Additional community images
Additional community images