Fort Lauderdale, FL

Level: bronze
Population: 165,521
Population Density: 4,761/sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Program Website
Contact: Diana Alarcon

Community Highlights

The City of Fort Lauderdale is working aggressively to build a connected transportation network that supports safe and convenient travel on foot. They are designated as a Bronze-level Walk Friendly Community for a wide range of efforts.

  • Fort Lauderdale is one of the only cities in Florida with an established goal of eliminating road fatalities. Under its Vision Zero program, the City aims to develop comprehensive approaches to improve safety for all of its road users. Its Safer Streets for Fort Lauderdale  plan is based on an analysis of crashes across the City, and identifies specific changes that will improve walkability and pedestrian safety.
  • Connecting the Blocks is a great example of Fort Lauderdale’s vision for a connected, multimodal transportation network. The plan assigns a Complete Streets typology to its entire network and illustrates how streets can be prioritized for pedestrians and bicyclists. The initiative has resulted in some high profile projects, including a series of painted intersections.
  • The City does a great job incorporating law enforcement strategies to support its infrastructure changes. One example is the City’s use of automated enforcement to address red-light running, which can result in serious injuries and fatalities for all road users. In fact, a portion of the program’s revenues support medical research on spinal and brain injuries.
  • The City hosts the annual Open Streets Fort Lauderdale event to celebrate active transportation and give community members an opportunity to take over the streets. Roads are closed to motor vehicle traffic along particular routes, allowing people of all ages to enjoy the City’s streets.