Hartford, CT

Level: silver
Population: 124,775
Population Density: 7,025.5
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Sandra Fry


Community Highlights

Hartford, CT is designated as a Silver-level community due to robust engineering and policy practices supporting people walking in the community. Highlights of Hartford’s application include:

  • A Complete Streets Ordinance and zoning code that support pedestrian-friendly spaces by regulating parking and supporting smart growth policies which help ensure that the community grows and redevelops in a way that is safe and inviting for people walking.
  • Hartford has excellent sidewalk coverage and code that specifies sidewalk widths that are appropriately wide for adjacent land uses. The city demonstrates support for people walking by allocating substantial funds annually for sidewalk maintenance.
  • Strong support for walking in Hartford’s One City, One Plan comprehensive plan, which places the improvement of pedestrian conditions high on the list of community goals.
  • The city has a partnership with a non-profit urban design program called iQuilt, which seeks to link the city’s pedestrian network with its abundant cultural assets, with the objective of creating a more walkable, inviting downtown.
  • High quality regional programs for pedestrian counting and walking audits  conducted in partnership with the Capitol Region Council of Governments. Counts measure  intersections, trails and road segments, and utilize resources from the National Bike/Ped Documentation Project.