Juneau, AK

Level: honorable_mention
Population Density:

Community Highlights

Juneau is designated as an Honorable Mention community due to impressive accessibility of facilities and excellent management of pedestrian facilities in a geographically-constrained environment. Highlights of Juneau’s application include:

  • Juneau completed an ADA Transition Plan in 1998 with regular updates until 2003 when the full plan had been implemented.  On-going compliance is achieved by upgrading facilities as they are renovated or reconstructed, or as needed based on complaints.
  • In its Non-Motorized Transportation Plan, Juneau strongly discourages cul-de-sacs in new neighborhood developments.  Where necessary, cul-de-sacs are typically connected by pedestrian/bike paths.
  • Juneau has implemented a comprehensive wayfinding program in its downtown area to help the nearly one million cruise ship passengers it welcomes each year to navigate their system of sidewalks and stairways.
  • The city produces several historic and themed-walking maps that would appeal both to residents and tourists.