Kirkland, WA

Level: bronze
Population: 87,281
Population Density: 4,251
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Stephen Padua

Community Highlights

Kirkland, WA is designated as a Bronze-level community due to outstanding planning efforts and positive neighborhood-focused walking policies. Highlights of Kirkland’s application include:

  • A 10 minute Neighborhood Analysis Tool which allows the city to measure how walkable certain parts of the city are given current conditions, which aids in transportation planning and project prioritization.
  • The town’s Neighborhood Safety Program encourages residents to collaborate with the city to address pedestrian needs locally.
  • High quality signalization. All signals utilize video detection technology, and beneficial pedestrian-centric timing. 80% of signals have Accessible Pedestrian Signals.
  • The Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail is an ongoing project to create off-road connections between neighborhoods in Kirkland.
  • A recently improved and updated Complete Streets