Lawrence, KS

Level: silver
Population: 91,305
Population Density: 2,665/sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Program Website
Contact: David Cronin

Community Highlights

Lawrence is a Silver-level Walk Friendly Community due to its exemplary approach to Safe Routes to School, engineering practices, and policies that support pedestrian-friendly projects.

  • Every elementary and middle school in Lawrence participates in International Walk to School Day! Safe Routes to School programs in Lawrence are a collaborative effort supported by the city, county, school district, and health department (plus advocacy partners!). Every school has a SRTS map and the city produces an annual report on SRTS activities, including travel tallies and infrastructure projects.
  • After inventorying sidewalks and curb ramps as part of the Regional Pedestrian Plan, Lawrence used five measurements to calculate a “network design grade”— block length, presence of sidewalk on one or both sides of the street, adjacent speed to sidewalk segments, proximity to pedestrian crashes, and sidewalk segment with slope greater than 8.3 percent.
  • The city’s Complete Streets policy and connectivity ordinance (Section 20-810) support the city in building and maintaining a transportation network that encourages walking.
  • Lawrence has 20 mph school zone speed limits and priority ranking criteria for traffic calming projects on local and collector streets. The city is also using pedestrian hybrid beacons in 14+ locations that are near schools or on busy streets with high pedestrian volumes.
  • The Safe Winter Walkways program brings together volunteers and those in need to make sure everyone can safely use public sidewalks during snowy conditions.