Lincoln, NE

Level: honorable_mention
Population Density:

Community Highlights

Lincoln is designated as an Honorable Mention community due to its well-connected trail network, planning efforts, and pedestrian infrastructure. Highlights of Lansing’s application include:

  • Lincoln uses excellent policies, such as the Design Standards for Pedestrian Circulation to guide its sidewalk development.  The city has mechanism in place to fill sidewalk gaps and to ensure that connectivity between subdivisions occurs will ensure a well-connected city.
  • The engineering staff has been working hard to install pedestrian countdown signal heads, roundabouts, and traffic calming projects.
  • There is an extensive 128-mile trail system in Lincoln, with 93.5% of the city’s residences, schools, commercial areas, and parks located within 1 mile of an existing trail.
  • Lincoln hosts a number of education and encouragement events to bring residents out and promote physical activity throughout the city’s many parks and trails. This includes Streets Alive, Trail Trek, and Safe Kids Blast.