Louisville, KY

Level: bronze
Population: 597,337
Population Density: 1,837/sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Program Website
Contact: Dirk Gowin

Community Highlights

Louisville is designated as a Bronze-level community due to the active support of city officials and its excellent trail system. Highlights of Louisville’s application include:

  • The city installed 70 Leading Pedestrian Intervals in the downtown area, which give people on foot a 4 second head start in crosswalks. They have implemented 11 road diets which are credited for measurable reduction in pedestrian crashes.
  • The bicycle and pedestrian only Big Four Bridge has seen close to 160,000 crossings per year since opening in 2013.
  • Louisville has multiple grant funded Education programs, including Walk Sense for Youth, adult education programs and even a bus wrap with a pedestrian safety message.
  • CycLOUvia, Louisville’s Open Streets event, has expanded to four separate events which take place in different locations across the city throughout the year.
  • Louisville has an extensive urban trail system. The Louisville Loop , a circular loop around the city, is about 50% complete, and links residents to a wide variety of recreational, cultural and civic attractions and additional open green space such as the expansive Parklands at Floyds Fork.
  • The Louisville Metro Complete Streets Manual is a comprehensive collection of documents that promote all modes of transportation on their streets. It combines elements of the zoning code, city ordinances, and design guidelines into one informative document and serves as the guidelines for both new road construction and road retrofits in the city.