Mountain View, CA

Level: bronze
Population: 77,973
Population Density: 6,000
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Nate Baird

Community Highlights

Mountain View, CA is designated as a Bronze-level community due to dedicated efforts to support walking through infrastructure and planning. Highlights of Mountain View’s application include:

  • A good pedestrian plan which includes performances measures focused on youth education and mitigating crash occurrences.
  • Excellent sidewalk coverage and design standards that require wide sidewalks, buffer zones, and level sidewalks at driveways, in addition to robust funding for maintenance.
  • Great work installing over 20 high visibility midblock crosswalks with additional countermeasures.
  • The town has a 15 mph speed limit in school zones, and a grant funded Safe Routes to School program in which all private and public schools in the city participate.