Mt. Lebanon, PA

Level: bronze
Population: 33,137
Population Density: 5,522/sq. mi.
Contact: Eric Milliron

Community Highlights

Mt. Lebanon is a Bronze-level Walk Friendly Community due to the town’s connected network of sidewalks and proactive approaches to supporting walkability and safety.

  • Lebanon has begun a $4 million project, Vibrant Uptown, to enhance walkability and mobility in the downtown area.
  • Lebanon has secured funding to obtain an EcoDistrict designation, with planning to begin in 2022.
  • Law enforcement has continued to advocate for pedestrian safety through the “Look Up Lebo” public education campaign.
  • Mt. Lebanon boasts a sidewalk network that nearly covers its entire networks of roads, meaning that nearly any trip can easily incorporate walking.
  • The town’s Comprehensive Plan included a detailed assessment of pedestrian and bicycle safety issues using a Road Safety Audit process. These audits used crash data and field reviews to make recommendations for pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements across Mt. Lebanon.
  • Mt. Lebanon pays particular attention to pedestrian-scale features and amenities along its streets, from pedestrian scale lighting and landscaping to wayfinding signage.
  • The town works proactively to improve safety for children walking to and from school. Each of the community’s schools has a safe walking map developed in partnership with the Mt. Lebanon Police Department.