Oxford, MS

Level: honorable_mention
Population Density:

Community Highlights

Oxford is designated as an honorable mention due to the city’s commitment to improving the pedestrian experience through numerous policies and plans, three pedestrian-related commissions and frequent pedestrian counts.

  • Oxford has clearly embraced the challenge of encouraging walking through numerous policies and plans. The city’s Pedestrian Plan was drafted with numerous opportunities for public input. The plan includes not only an in-depth description of the city’s infrastructure, but goals for education, encouragement and enforcement programs to promote pedestrian safety and access. Oxford has an ADA Transition Plan and Complete Streets Policy, which help ensure that pedestrian facilities are accessible to all residents.
  • Community schools regularly hold Walking Wednesday events to promote safe and active transportation to school. Where walking the full route isn’t possible, schools utilize remote drop-off locations to incorporate walking into the school trip.
  • Oxford promotes the use of alternative transportation through the work of three commissions – the Pathways, Disability, and Transportation Commissions-and by funding capital alternate transportation infrastructure improvements.
  • Oxford excels in its evaluation of facilities and residents’ travel behavior in order to make improvements to the infrastructure and education programs in the city. They perform regular bicycle-pedestrian count that follow national guidelines established by the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project.