Portsmouth, NH

Level: silver
Population: 21,796
Population Density: 1,395 / sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Peter Stith

With a population of just under 22,000 people, Portsmouth is the smallest Silver-level Walk Friendly Community, devoting more energy and staff time to pedestrian issues than many other larger communities.

  • The City has an impressive approach to Complete Streets, anchored by numerous policies that drive the City’s investment in bicycling and walking.
  • The Complete Streets policy is supported by a set of Design Guidelines that help incorporate pedestrian needs into every transportation project.
  • The City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan features recommendations for infrastructure, policy and program investments to improve nonmotorized safety and access. Recent progress updates show that the City is monitoring its investments and maintaining its emphasis on implementation.
  • All of the schools in Portsmouth have ongoing Safe Routes to School Programs that focus attention on helping children get to school using active transportation.