Redwood City, CA

Level: silver
Population: 76,815
Population Density: 3,956/sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Jessica Manzi

Community Highlights

Redwood City is designated a Silver-level community due to its downtown development policies, enforcement practices, and thorough approach to inventorying and updating sidewalks, curb ramps, and crosswalks. Highlights of Redwood City’s application include:

  • Together with Caltrans, Redwood City is making improvements to state highways that run through the community which have previously acted as barrier to walking.
  • Downtown Redwood City closes certain roads to motorized traffic on a rotating schedule for weekly events during the summer, turning the space over to pedestrians to enjoy.
  • Typical traffic calming treatments in Redwood City include speed humps, traffic circles, and road diets. To be considered for a road diets, the City evaluates roads that will be part of the annual pavement management program. Speed humps and traffic circles are prioritized by the severity of the speeding issues.
  • The Redwood City Downtown Precise Plan (DPP) provides for parking requirement reductions, a form-based code, density bonuses, and streamlined approval for infill projects that are consistent with DPP development standards.
  • The Redwood City Police Department Traffic Unit Supervisor is in regular contact with City traffic engineers and planners to identify and mitigate locations with a high incidence of traffic safety violations. The City has a Red Light Photo Enforcement Program and regularly issues citations for failure to yield to pedestrians and parking on sidewalks or too close to intersections or crosswalks.