Saratoga Springs, NY

Level: bronze
Population: 27,315
Population Density: 947/sq. mi.
Contact: Kate Maynard
518.587.3550 x2517

Community Highlights

Saratoga Springs is designated as a Bronze-level community due to its high mode share for walking, land use and urban design policies, and positive pedestrian signaling practices. Community highlights include:

  • Saratoga Springs has 20 miles of trails and plans to continue building more! Trails connect destinations like the State Park, performing arts center, farmer’s market, YMCA, and multiple schools. The city grants density bonuses for developers who provide trails in the city’s conservation districts.
  • The city regulates parking in such a way that active land uses take precedence over parking for cars in the core district. There is no required parking in the downtown zone and parking is required to be at the side or rear of a building within multiple districts.
  • In 2002, the city started requiring that new or replaced signals that might have a pedestrian consideration during the life expectancy of the signal include pedestrian signals. Since then, 38 new or replaced traffic signals have included pedestrian signals and/or push buttons.
  • The Saratoga Springs Police Department employs 17 crossing guards who cover the public and private schools throughout the city. Many of the guards continue their employment as (civilian) Traffic Control Officers during the summer months.