Shorewood, WI

Level: bronze
Population: 13,162
Population Density: 8,224/sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Chris Anderson

Community Highlights

Shorewood, WI is designated as a Bronze-level community due extensive sidewalk coverage and high walking and transit mode shares. Highlights of Shorewood’s application include:

  • Shorewood has a low pedestrian crash rate despite a high mode share for walking and transit in the community. Crashes have dropped since the implementation of recommendations from a Pedestrian Safety Study.
  • Good local participation in Walk to School Day by all of the Village’s primary schools. A recent Safe Kids Grant will support the creation of new safe routes maps for families of school-aged children.
  • The well-connected street network and extensive sidewalk coverage, including curb ramps, supported by a bi-annual program for assessing and repairing sidewalk segments using dedicated funds.
  • Shorewood has also employed slow vehicular traffic speeds downtown, right-turn-on-red restrictions, tight corner radii and RRFBs as pedestrian safety countermeasures.