Sisters, OR

Level: bronze
Population: 2,118
Population Density: 1,132/ sq. mi.
Contact: Patrick Davenport

Community Highlights

Sisters is designated as a Bronze-level community due to its sound planning practices, coordination with law enforcement, and excellent project examples. Highlights of Sisters’ application include:

  • An excellent walking mode share for a city of its size: 6.8%. Plus, another 3.5% of residents are commuting by bike!
  • The Sisters Trail Alliance is an all-volunteer partner organization to the Sisters Park and Recreation District and is dedicated to planning, constructing, and maintaining the city’s robust network of trails that are used for recreation and transportation. The 2011 Community Trail Plan includes community goals, the results of a user survey, and a list of future trail projects.
  • The city’s development code includes provisions for mixed-use zoning, accessory dwelling units, and density bonuses that are quite advanced for a small community. Furthermore, developments in the Downtown Commercial District do not have to provide additional off-street parking if frontage improvements include sidewalks and on-street parking.
  • The city ensures multidisciplinary collaboration by including the Sheriff in the discussion of construction projects and analysis of traffic data. The Sheriff’s department also works with the city to conduct targeted pedestrian crossing operations, DUI checkpoints, and targeted speed enforcement at the city’s gateways.