Sitka, AK

Level: bronze
Population: 8,881
Population Density: 3/sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Program Website
Contact: Charles Bingham

Community Highlights

Sitka is designated as a Bronze-level community due to its consistently high walking mode share and low crash rate, exceptional trail system, and community support for walking initiatives and events. Highlights of Sitka’s application include:

  • Over 50 miles of trails throughout the community, with another 100 miles planned for construction or reconstruction! Sitka has a trails plan that includes project specifics, such as lead agency and prioritization. The plan is given weight by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between relevant agencies in the region. The network of trails also benefits from the stewardship of a non-profit, membership corporation Sitka Trail Works, Inc.
  • The town is continuing work on the Sitka Cross Trail, which has recently been extended and upgraded to an 8’ gravel multi-modal pathway.
  • The Sitka Sea Walk, which opened in October 2013, is a pathway that connects the Crescent Harbor downtown to the Sitka National Historic Park. The project also includes a walkway on the breakwater next to the Sitka Sound Science Center. The walking path, which includes sections of sidewalk and wooden boardwalk, is an important connection for cruise ship tourists and residents alike.
  • The transit service in Sitka is excellent for a remote community of 8,000. The system is operated by the Sitka Tribe of Alaska and includes three bus routes that run on the hour or half-hour. This brief article talks about how community organizations came together to plan and deploy the system just over 10 years ago.
  • Sitka’s pedestrian advocacy group, Walk Sitka, was formed in 2012 after the Sitka Health Summit. The group does a great job providing information about infrastructure projects and community events related to walkability.
  • Sitka only has two signalized intersections, but both locations have pedestrian countdown signals and slow speeds for traffic progression