Springfield, MO

Level: bronze
Population: 162,191
Population Density: 2,072/sq. mi.
Contact: David Hutchison

Community Highlights

Springfield is designated as a Bronze-level community due to its trail system and level of community support for initiatives that encourage more walking. Community highlights include:

  • An excellent trail system, including The LINK, which serves as a model for other communities that are trying to create connected networks for pedestrians and bicyclists of all ages and abilities.
  • Ongoing staff training and active living encouragement campaigns, which help ensure that the city continues building momentum toward a more walkable Springfield.
  • The Walkable Neighborhood Project, run by the Healthy Living Alliance, organizes volunteers and university students to audit neighborhoods and work with residents to come up with suggestions for making their neighborhoods more walkable. They have surveyed 11 of 35 neighborhoods using the Active Neighborhood Checklist