Stevens Point, WI

Level: bronze
Population: 25,666
Population Density: 1,674/sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Mayor Mike Wiza

Stevens Point, WI, is a Bronze-level Walk Friendly Community due to impressive programs across a wide range of areas, including:

  • The City’s activities are informed and supported by a resident-led Bicycle and Pedestrian Street Safety Commission that holds regular meetings on walking and bicycling related topics and initiatives.
  • The City has a comprehensive complete streets policy, adopted in 2018. Since its adoption, a reported 75 percent of all roadway projects have included bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
  • The City’s Sidewalk Continuation Plan targets the completion of the City’s sidewalk network and making critical connections for pedestrian travel. The plan is updated and evaluated routinely to help track progress toward these goals.
  • Through updates and amendments to its policies and zoning code, the City has developed pedestrian-friendly parking and development policy language.
  • The City adopted a ten-minute walk to a park campaign for the purposes of expanding its service areas of parks and recreation facilities to residents. This campaign has been incorporated into other planning documents, such as the 2018-2022 Comprehensive Outdoor Park and Recreation Plan.
  • The City’s Comprehensive Outdoor Park and Recreation Plan weaves parks, open space and trails into the transportation network to provide critical connections and destinations for the public to enjoy. The Green Circle Trail is a 27-mile scenic trail that connects with more than 45 miles of other trails in the City.
  • The City performs annual audits of project locations to assess their impact and measure results of their investments.