Temple Terrace, FL

Level: honorable_mention
Population Density:

Community Highlights

Temple Terrace is designated as an Honorable Mention community due to a successful Safe Routes to School program and their status as a Florida Multi-Modal Transportation District. Highlights of Temple Terrace’s application include:

  • Safe Routes to School programs are particularly effective in creating a culture of walking in a community. Temple Terrace schools participate in two Walk/Bike to School Days each year, Walk and Roll Wednesdays, and Walking/Biking School Buses and are also involved in parent outreach to create walking maps. Safe Routes to School coordinators also track the number of children walking to school and provide training to student safety patrols. Overall, the Safe Routes to School program is a model for encouraging Temple Terrace students to live healthier lives by walking to school.
  • Temple Terrace is the first city in Florida to become a Multi-Modal Transportation District, a designation that places priority on creating a supportive environment for all modes. In practice, this designation uses capital improvement dollars, that would have been used for automobile oriented improvements, on pedestrian, bicycle, and transit-oriented initiatives. This type of infrastructure fund reallocation demonstrates the commitment to walking in Temple Terrace.
  • Red light cameras can be crucial to the success of a comprehensive enforcement program. Temple Terrace is one of the first communities to use red light cameras, which have significantly improved safety in the community.