Wilsonville, OR

Level: bronze
Population: 25,779
Population Density: 3,544/sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Chris Neamtzu

Community Highlights

Wilsonville is designated as a Bronze-level community due to the city’s commitment to managing suburban growth and planning for pedestrians. Highlights of Wilsonville’s application include:

  • Wilsonville has implemented changes to improve roadway safety for bikers and pedestrians, including reprogramming traffic signals to eliminate conflicts between pedestrians and motorists, adding bicycle facilities like bike lane buffers, cycle tracks, and bicycle specific detection at signals.
  • Pedestrian enhancements at intersections are ongoing and include accessible pedestrian push buttons with auditory feedback and tones.
  • Wilsonville has had several safety education and outreach campaigns, including “Be Seen. Be SMART,” which focused on educating citizens to increase visibility when it is dark outside. The city has also continued to promote the Oregonian Crossing campaign, which aims to increase awareness of Oregon traffic laws, and promote safe and responsible travel behavior.
  • Wilsonville has plans for two bicycle and pedestrian bridges and numerous trails throughout the town, improving connection for community members using active transportation.
  • Wilsonville is an excellent example of a rapidly-growing suburban community taking steps to make itself more walkable. Situated along a commuter-heavy interstate and nearly tripling its population since 1990, Wilsonville adopted a pedestrian and bicycle plan in 2006 (modified via Transportation System Plan updates in 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2020) to help manage effective transportation around the City.
  • Interstate 5 presents a significant barrier for pedestrians in Wilsonville. In 2012, the city and State DOT completed a major interchange project that added 10-foot wide multi-use paths to both sides of the Wilsonville Road underpass of I-5. The project also included 7,200 square feet of public art from Wilsonville K-12 students dubbed “Beauty and the Bridge.
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