Ypsilanti, MI

Level: honorable_mention
Population Density:

Ypsilanti is an Honorable Mention community based on its high walking mode share, robust network of sidewalks, and support from decision makers and community organizations.

  • For a community of only 20,000 residents, Ypsilanti has fairly high rates of walking as a commute mode (almost 12 percent, according to the American Communities Survey). They perform regular surveys and outreach to understand travel behavior and use that information to inform transportation decisions.
  • Land use patterns and the city’s historic street grid make for a very walkable environment, with sidewalks on nearly every street. Transit stations and parks, among other destinations, are in close proximity to one another, making travel by foot an option for most trips.
  • Local government officials have demonstrated their support for programs and policies intended to enhance the walking environment, and the City’s Non-Motorized Advisory Committee spearheads a number of local initiatives to improve the pedestrian network.