Six Conference Recommendations for Walk Friendly Communities

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Mobile Workshop at APBP 2017 Professional Development Seminar

There are dozens of conferences and meetings each year that focus on transportation issues. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center has a complete list of upcoming events, and there are plenty to choose from. We’ve already attended a few in 2017, including the Lifesavers Conference on Highway Safety Priorities and the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting, and heard about some new programs and research that will help move our field forward.

Attending them all is impossible, but we identified several upcoming conferences that should be on the radar of any community that wants to learn more about creating transportation networks that support walking:


Vision Zero Cities Conference

When: May 2-4

Where: New York City, NY

Why Walk Friendly? Vision Zero commitments to eliminate road fatalities are gaining momentum across the country. New York City-based Transportation Alternatives is hosting this conference in May for the third time. Celebrate the fact that Vision Zero is becoming a national movement by learning how cities are tackling road safety problems.

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National Planning Conference

When: May 6 –9

Where: New York City, NY

Why Walk Friendly?The National Planning Conference, hosted by the American Planning Association, is your annual opportunity to sit down with planners from around the country. Transportation is just one of many focus areas, and Themes for 2017 include ‘From Climate Change to Resiliency’, and ‘Disruptive Economic Development’.

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APBP Professional Development Seminar

When: June 26-29

Where: Memphis, TN

Why Walk Friendly? Chances are that, if you’re reading this article, you consider yourself a pedestrian or bicycle professional. If that’s the case, we recommend connecting with the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) ( Attend their Professional Development Seminar to compare notes with your peers and brush up on the latest tools of the trade.

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National Walking Summit

When: Sept 13- 15
Where: St. Paul, MN

Why Walk Friendly? This year’s conference will focus on ‘Vital and Vibrant Communities, the Power of Walkability.” If your goal is to promote walking and expand opportunities for active transportation in your community, you’ll want to join America Walks ( in St. Paul. While you’re there, take a side trip to nearby Walk Friendly Minneapolis.

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NACTO Designing Cities Conference

When: Oct 30 – Nov 2

Where: Chicago, IL

Why Walk Friendly: The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) has been leading the charge for walking, biking, and transit-friendly streets. Their sixth Designing Cities conference will once again bring the leaders of this movement together to showcase their work and learn about how a top tier City – and Walk Friendly Community – is working towards these goals.

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American Public Health Association Annual Meeting

When Nov 4-8

Where: Atlanta, GA

Why Walk Friendly: The health benefits of walking have been well-documented, yet there are numerous opportunities to bridge the gap between the fields of transportation and public health. Those connections are on full display at the APHA Annual Meeting, and this year’s meeting in Atlanta should be no exception.

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