Press Kit

Promote your Walk Friendly Community designation

Congratulations! Your city or town has been designated the status of a Walk Friendly Community. These resources are provided to help promote your community efforts that demonstrate a commitment to prioritizing pedestrians and creating safe and comfortable places to walk.

Here are a few examples of how you can showcase your designation:

  • Share the press release with community staff and managers and public information officers who can help with highlighting the designation.
  • Consider adapting the press release by adding a quote from city or town managers or officials who championed the initiative for designation. The quote can highlight infrastructure or planning efforts that helped lead to the designation.
  • Post the appropriate designation seal (see below) to your community’s website, social media sites, within newsletters, email signatures, or other digital or print correspondence.
  • Connect with local community groups who can help with communications and create broader recognition of the designation.
  • Highlight your designation or other talking points (see below) for town officials and leaders to integrate in public events.
  • Consider hosting a media event to cover the designation, interview with key staff or managers, and focus on specific improvements or interventions that supports walkability and safety.

Press Release

See the press release announcing Walk Friendly Community designations.

Seals and Logos

EPS format is available upon request.

Guidelines for Use

A WFC designation seal or logo should never be linked to another page or website. Only link the logo to The designation seal may be linked to the specific community profile page within

Please do not recreate or alter the seal or logo. Examples include:

  • Adjusting color values
  • Rotating seal
  • Changing size or proportional relationship
  • Animating or morphing

Talking Points

Consider using the Walk Friendly Communities press release as a starting point for developing other talking points to use for newsletters, social media, public events, and more. Here are a few talking points and tips to help extend this messaging specific to the program and your community:

About the Walk Friendly Communities program:

  • The Walk Friendly Communities program designates cities and towns across the country for their efforts in prioritizing pedestrians and creating safe and comfortable places to walk.
  • Walk Friendly Communities is a national recognition program and the first in the country to highlight initiatives and programs.
  • Cities and towns submit their information about their efforts via an assessment tool to evaluate conditions for walking and safety.
  • In the 12 years since the program began, the Walk Friendly Communities program has recognized 82 cities and towns across 32 States.
  • Walk Friendly Communities offer examples of steps that other cities and towns can take to improve walkability and safety.

About community efforts:

  • Use language that normalizes walking within the community and creates a shared culture of safety. Emphasize that everyone has the right to the road and to reach their destination safely.
  • Encourage community members to walk in their communities based on what may motivate community members to use walking as a transportation mode.
  • Showcase innovation or improvements that the community has implemented to help create safe, comfortable, and inviting spaces.
  • Link community efforts to other programs and national events where pedestrian safety is a component or focus, such as National Pedestrian Safety Month (in October), or health awareness campaigns led by local health departments.
  • Link messaging to seasonal occurrences where more people may be walking or there are changes in temporal patterns, such as Halloween or back to school.
  • Acknowledge efforts of other community organizations and groups who help champion efforts. Consider tagging them in social media for broader visibility.