New Cities Recognized with “Walk Friendly” Designation

CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina, May 4, 2021—The Walk Friendly Communities program (WFC) recognized U.S. cities for their commitment to prioritize pedestrians and create safe, comfortable and inviting places to walk. These designations demonstrate a sustained commitment to prioritizing people on foot.

The Walk Friendly Community designations include Gold-level recognition for Decatur, GA, and Madison, WI. Bronze-level designations were given to Roswell, GA, and renewed for Columbia, SC; Arcata, CA, and New Orleans, LA.

These communities showcase the bold steps that cities and towns can take to prioritize people on foot. Communities recognized by the Walk Friendly Communities program include:

Decatur, GA
Madison, WI

Roswell, GA
Columbia, SC
New Orleans, LA
Arcata, CA

WFC is a national recognition program developed to encourage cities and towns across the United States to develop and support walking environments with an emphasis on safety, mobility, access and comfort. Sponsored by FedEx and managed by the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC), the program distinguishes communities leading the way in walkability and seeks to share their stories to inspire other communities to move toward their own innovative solutions. In the 11 years since the program began, it has recognized 78 cities across 32 States with Walk Friendly designations.

“These cities are demonstrating what it means to prioritize pedestrians,” said Dan Gelinne, WFC program manager. “From their plans and policies to street transformations, the work they are doing can serve as an inspiration to cities and towns across the country.”

Cities and towns interested in joining the ranks of Walk Friendly Communities are encouraged to submit an application. The next round of applications is open now, and submissions are due by June 15, 2021. Interested communities are encouraged to visit to learn more about the program and review the application process.

“FedEx is very proud to sponsor the Walk Friendly Communities program. As part of our FedEx Cares commitment, this program has had a far-reaching impact across the United States in making communities safer for pedestrians,” said Jenny Robertson, vice president, FedEx Corporate Communications.